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Threebond’s 1530 is a one-part non-solvent elastic adhesive, the main component of which is a silyl-based special polymer that reacts with moisture in the air to form a toughened elastomer.

The adhesive demonstrates excellent non-staining characteristics.

It provides excellent weather resistance and high adhesion to most substrates without the need for primer pre-treatment.

Its low odour and non-isocyanate chemistry make it environmentally friendly.

This makes it ideal for multi-purpose bonding of metals (aluminium, steel, stainless, copper, plastics (polyacrylate, PPO, ABS, nylon, PC, FRP, PET, PPS and PBT) wood, glass, canvas and rubbers such as chloroprene, EPDM and silicone.

TB1530 can be used for sealing and potting electronic/electrical assemblies for which conventional RTV rubbers have been used.

It doesn’t corrode metals or impair electrical contacts.

TB1530 is elastic, has good peel strength, excellent impact/vibration resistance and doesn’t need UV or thermal-curing facilities.

Its high initial adhesive strength removes the need for temporary jig fixing.

Fixturing strength is available immediately (following adhesive spread and five minute dwell-time prior to assembly).

Handling strength is available in 20 minutes and full cure is achieved in 24 hours.

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