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Lenox Instrument has released the Furnace Camera HD NIR-Thermal Imaging Camera System, designed to provide clear real-time, accurate measurement inside high-temperature furnaces, boilers and kilns.

The camera provides near-infrared (NIR) temperature measurement from over 320,000 individual temperature points via a Gigabit Ethernet digital connection.

Designed to be installed through a small 3.5in (89mm) opening in the combustion chamber wall, the high-resolution camera system’s stainless-steel housing employs a triple wall laminar flow for efficient water-cooled protection and integrated, low-consumption air-purging to keep the optics clear of debris and enabling operation in high-temperature furnace environments.

Applications include steel annealing and reheat furnaces, glass furnaces and other high temperature furnace, kiln, and oven environments.

The Lenox NIR infrared camera operates at a short wavelength (1um), that minimises temperature measurement errors due to variations in target surface emissivity and is offered with a choice of four models with different temperature ranges.

The thermal imaging through-wall system includes image processing software that allows high-resolution images and data to be viewed, manipulated, recorded and archived and to also remotely control the camera.

Analytical and process control functions include timed acquisition, multiple point or user-defined areas of interest temperature measurement, multiple temperature line profiles, more isotherms, histograms, trending, emissivity adjustment, delta temperature measurement, background correction and a choice of colour pallets.

The software also features automatic storage of images and video on triggered measurement or high/low alarm conditions with optional analogue signals or alarm outputs to a PLC or DCS.

Infrared furnace camera accessories include an automatic-retract system that pulls the camera back on loss of water cooling or air, preventing over-temperature damage, and RS485 input/output (I/O) modules that can used to integrate the image processing software to process control systems.

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