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Infor, a provider of business application software, has announced that Nelson Industrial, a manufacturer of precision metal products, doubled its revenue after implementing Infor ERP Visual.

Improved productivity and process efficiency enabled Nelson to boost profits without increasing administrative and support staff.

Nelson Industrial doubled its revenue in three years after implementing ERP Visual, while simultaneously maintaining staff levels.

Because ERP Visual is an integrated system, users have easy access to data and reports across the entire enterprise, enabling more timely and cost-effective decisions from Nelson’s leaders.

Nelson also reports increased customer satisfaction and improved internal communication now that account managers and customer service representatives can easily access reliable information through ERP Visual.

ERP Visual helped Nelson to automate processes in production, resulting in simplified functions and improved overall output.

Manufacturing and engineering managers utilise the Throughput Module to track resources and monitor demands, thereby detecting potential delays and enhancing efficiency in fulfilling customer orders.

Dorin Radu, corporate managing director at Nelson, said: ‘We wanted to implement a new ERP solution, not only to reduce our overhead and simplify processes, but also to grow more confidently and aggressively in the future.

‘With ERP Visual, we doubled the size of the company in only three years without increasing administrative headcount,’ he added.

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