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Minnesota Rubber and Plastics (MRandP) is offering lightweight, simple-to-assemble transmission thrust rings for motor vehicle designers.

These thrust rings act as rotating planetary carriers for helical-shaped ring gears in transmission assemblies.

When precision moulded from a high-performance Peek formulation by MRandP, they incur less heat and surface abrasion, resulting in a longer operating life than the aluminium components that they replace.

According to the company, their material formulation includes Peek, which provides high temperature resistance (400F to 450F), carbon fibre, which delivers high wear resistance, and PTFE, which ensures reduced friction.

The MRandP design is claimed to be 50 per cent lighter and costs less than the aluminium thrust rings.

The previous aluminium component design had two locating holes, requiring riveting and assembly.

Accurate alignment was required to avoid wasted components and potential performance issues.

The new MRandP design eliminates the locating holes and adds self-aligning features for fast press-fit assembly.

Scrapped parts are, therefore, eliminated.

Custom thrust rings may be combined with other high-performance plastic and elastomer components to form a completed assembly for a more cost-effective design.

In addition to Peek, MRandP uses a range of high-performance plastics including PEI, Aurum and Torlon.

The company also offers comprehensive design services, including preliminary engineering assistance and mechanical design review as well as materials engineering such as research and development into a full range of high-performance plastics.

MRandP also provides rapid mould design, development and prototype services, process engineering and injection, compression, transfer and liquid silicone rubber moulding including metal-to-plastics conversions.

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