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Thwing-Albert Instrument has released the Inkometer 1100 designed to verify, test and improve the quality of printing inks.

The Inkometer 110 measures the apparent tack of inks under conditions that approximate those of the ink-distribution system of a printing press during printing.

It offers test method storage, statistical reporting and data exporting to testing laboratories.

Key specifications

• Aimed at printing and ink development industries

• Features new keypad and multi-line display

• Four predefined ASTM D-4361-based test methods

• Allows for storage of five user-definable test methods

• Methods include specification for distribution roller speed, distribution time, testing roller speed, testing time and sampling rate

• Stores up to 180 tack readings per test

• Tack readings can be transmitted via the RS232 port or exported to a USB flash drive

Thwing-Albert Instrument

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