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Newport has introduced a terahertz (THz) pulse generation kit that uses a sub-35-fs Ti:sapphire amplifier system, designed for demanding applications by the research community.

The kit can be integrated with a Ti:sapphire amplifier to generate terahertz pulses that can be further used for linear, non-linear and time-resolved spectroscopy applications.

The THz pulse generation kit utilises standard Newport optics, opto-mechanics, manual stages and Conex-based motorised solutions to provide high performance and accuracy.

The 800nm Ti:sapphire laser pulse (1kHz ~ 300uJ per pulse) is focused into ambient air to generate the air plasma that produces THz pulses.

With this design, the damage threshold is not a concern as the air replenishes itself from pulse to pulse.

The generated THz pulse has the oscillation that spans about 1ps and has the estimated pulse energy of 0.1-0.3nJ per pulse.

In addition, the ability to recover the phase and the amplitude information of the THz field through electro-optic sampling enables the kit to function as a THz spectrometer without further modification.

Keshav Kumar, product marketing manager for Optics and Technology and Applications Center (TAC) products at Newport, said: ‘Our new air-plasma-based THz pulse generation kit is a preconfigured and versatile solution for researchers.

‘It can be easily integrated with amplifier-based laser systems to generate high-energy terahertz pulses for several demanding applications.

‘These include the characterisation of nanomaterials, detecting security-sensitive explosives, biomolecular spectroscopy and telecommunications applications,’ added Kumar.

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