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PVC industrial flooring systems from Tileplan are said to be a practical and customisable solution for companies needing a durable industrial floor covering to meet health and safety legislation.

The layout of Tileplans’ health-and-safety flooring system can be quickly and easily changed – if additional tiles are needed, customers need only order these, not the whole floor.

Customers can effectively create customised health-and-safety floor by building line-marker and clear logo tiles into their industrial floor covering to meet regulations, and by using sloped edging ramp tiles for ease-of-access at entry points.

The industrial flooring tiles are said to fit neatly together and are loose laid, meaning installation is fast and downtime is minimised.

The Tileplans range of industrial and health-and-safety flooring is designed to cover many applications in a variety of colours and includes: interlocking PVC floor tiles: studded or ‘raised disc’ PVC industrial flooring tiles; smooth or ‘leather-grain’ PVC industrial flooring tiles; dimpled PVC interlocking floor tiles; and hidden-joint tiles in slate texture or dimpled finish.

Tileplans Industrial Flooring

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