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MH and W is offering Keratherm silicone-free thermal-interface materials (TIMs) for use in medical devices, laser equipment, LED lighting, solar energy, disk drives and automotive electronics.

The U 90 silicone-free TIMs have a new light tack adhesive to provide high thermal conductivity where contamination threats prevent the use of silicone-based thermal pads.

The materials can be easily positioned between components and heat sinks.

MH and W’s Keratherm U 90 thermal-interface material is a ceramic-filled polyurethane film with a thermal conductivity of 6W/mK and thermal impedance of 0.05Kin2/W.

A lower-cost version, Keratherm U 80 – also silicone-free – provides 1.8W/mK of thermal conductivity and 0.11Kin2/W of thermal impedance.

Both TIMs are available with a light tack adhesive to keep them in place during assembly or pre-attached to heat sinks.

The light tack adhesive can be compared with adhesives used on repositionable notes.

The TIM pads won’t be damaged when removed from mounting surfaces.

The U 90 TIM with adhesive is available in thicknesses of 0.125, 0.225 and 0.325mm, and U 80 is 0.175 and 0.325mm thick.

Both TIMs are available on roll stock or custom-shaped pads.

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