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Gemini Data Loggers has launched a dedicated indoor CO2 logger for applications such as building monitoring, where it is said to play a key role in helping to verify that ventilation systems are performing correctly.

The CO2 logger uses a self-calibrating infrared sensor to determine carbon-dioxide concentrations.

It helps to determine indoor air quality and enables the necessary steps to be taken to maintain optimum air quality, identifying under-ventilated areas and enabling corrective action to be taken.

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Key benefits

  • Compensates for the ageing of the infrared source
  • Designed to be positioned unobtrusively where required for effective monitoring throughout a building or installation
  • Flashing red LED light on the unit indicates if there has been an interruption to the power supply
  • Helps identify energy-saving options in over-ventilated spaces
  • Tinytag Explorer software enables data to be clearly presented as graphs and tables
  • Users are able to set a desired upper ppm concentration limit
  • If required, data used together with that from loggers monitoring other environmental parameters can help provide an integrated overview of building monitoring

Gemini Data Loggers

Gemini Data Loggers designs and manufactures Tinytag, self contained and battery operated data loggers for monitoring temperature, humidity, shock, vibration and other environmental parameters in a variety of locations.

Tinytag loggers are suitable for indoor, outdoor and underwater applications, including ATEX hazardous areas, in many industries such as environment, food, logistics, health & laboratories, agriculture, museums, compost, etc.

All Tinytags use the same Tinytag Explorer data logging software for simple configuration of the logger and later compilation and display of results for analysis. It is Window based and data can easily be exported into programs e.g. Excel and Word.

While Tinytag extensive range of off-the-shelf data loggers and probes suit most needs, Gemini Data Loggers can produce custom solutions where required. Tinytag hardware and software are designed and manufactured in house allowing us to be adaptable to the requirements of your application.

Gemini has an in-house calibration laboratory providing UKAS traceable certification.

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