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192 Tinytag data loggers from Gemini have been used at the Pegsdon Hills Nature Reserve in the Chilterns from the summer of 2008, to monitor abiotic conditions such as temperature and humidity.

The NERC Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) works in a project to test new methods to restore such types of grassland at sites where they have disappeared due to agricultural intensification.

Understanding what goes on at grass roots level with regard to abiotic conditions such as temperature and humidity is an important part of the process.

192 Tinytag data loggers have been used for this purpose at the Pegsdon Hills Nature Reserve in the Chilterns from the summer of 2008.

Intensive arable farming and intensified grassland management in the UK have resulted in the loss and fragmentation of high quality, species-rich grasslands.

A small number of high-yielding grasses that are better adapted to the conditions of high fertility generated by intensive agriculture arable farming have displaced wild flowers and herbaceous flowering plants (known as ‘forbs’), such as rock rose, milk-wort and wild thyme.

The NERC Centre for Ecology and Hydrology is looking at better ways to establish such species-rich grasslands at existing agriculturally improved restoration sites.

Such sites often experience seed regeneration difficulties, as many forb species are quite rare these days and restricted to a few remaining sites less affected by agricultural intensification, and thus generally do not naturally colonise restoration sites.

Typically the sites are chalk grassland.

A second focus of the project is to establish management regimes to prevent high yielding ‘scrub’ grasses out-competing wild flower species after they have been introduced from seed or via pre-grown ‘plug’ plants.

The data loggers have been deployed three times a year, in spring, summer and autumn, for one week at a time.

The loggers have monitored factors that are known to affect plant establishment.

Temperature and humidity data has been recorded at surface level, and temperature also in the top 10cm of the soil profile.

Gemini Data Loggers

Gemini Data Loggers designs and manufactures Tinytag, self contained and battery operated data loggers for monitoring temperature, humidity, shock, vibration and other environmental parameters in a variety of locations.

Tinytag loggers are suitable for indoor, outdoor and underwater applications, including ATEX hazardous areas, in many industries such as environment, food, logistics, health & laboratories, agriculture, museums, compost, etc.

All Tinytags use the same Tinytag Explorer data logging software for simple configuration of the logger and later compilation and display of results for analysis. It is Window based and data can easily be exported into programs e.g. Excel and Word.

While Tinytag extensive range of off-the-shelf data loggers and probes suit most needs, Gemini Data Loggers can produce custom solutions where required. Tinytag hardware and software are designed and manufactured in house allowing us to be adaptable to the requirements of your application.

Gemini has an in-house calibration laboratory providing UKAS traceable certification.

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