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Tinytag Data Loggers measure the temperature of vulnerable products or fresh produce in transit.

Chris Bishop, principal lecturer of the postharvest unit at Writtle College, has used Tinytag Data Loggers for nine years.

Bishop’s aim is to help Middle East and third-world countries attain the best quality from their produce.

He has travelled to Kenya and Egypt to research the harvesting and transportation of grapes and flowers.

More recently he has been to Ethiopia on a mission funded by US Aid to help Ethiopians harvest strawberries to a consistent quality.

Describing the benefits of the probe, Bishop said: ‘It lies in the logger’s design: compact and lightweight.

‘Some units are supplied with a thin flying lead probe.

‘I can insert a sensor into the strawberry, into the grape or into the flower bud, depending on my project.

‘This enables extremely accurate core temperature traces to be recorded during harvest and in-transit overland and during air or sea freight.

‘If I’m advising a third-world country on attaining and maintaining the best quality produce, I need convenient, reliable data that my third-world counterparts can also understand and act upon.’ Back in the UK, entrepreneur Angela Morris of AMA Associates, packaging experts based in Market Drayton, began trials with the National Trust to market Cool Wool, a sustainable resource for packaging meats and other perishable goods that need a certain temperature and humidity level to remain fresh during transit.

The research, using a number of Tinytag Data Loggers, validated that half the amount of ice packs were needed during transportation.

AMA invested in a number of Tinytag Data Loggers.

Morris said: ‘It becomes possible for my customer to use the data logger with their Cool Wool delivery and download the results themselves.

‘The process is simple and logical and the graphs-overlay excellent.’ Tinytag Data Loggers have also monitored cigars in transit from Columbia, health supplements from India and lamb from New Zealand.

The shock and vibration of transportation can also affect fragile products such as computer hard-drives, glass and works of art, where Tinytags have been able to identify when the mishandling took place, which is useful for insurance claims.

Gemini Data Loggers

Gemini Data Loggers designs and manufactures Tinytag, self contained and battery operated data loggers for monitoring temperature, humidity, shock, vibration and other environmental parameters in a variety of locations.

Tinytag loggers are suitable for indoor, outdoor and underwater applications, including ATEX hazardous areas, in many industries such as environment, food, logistics, health & laboratories, agriculture, museums, compost, etc.

All Tinytags use the same Tinytag Explorer data logging software for simple configuration of the logger and later compilation and display of results for analysis. It is Window based and data can easily be exported into programs e.g. Excel and Word.

While Tinytag extensive range of off-the-shelf data loggers and probes suit most needs, Gemini Data Loggers can produce custom solutions where required. Tinytag hardware and software are designed and manufactured in house allowing us to be adaptable to the requirements of your application.

Gemini has an in-house calibration laboratory providing UKAS traceable certification.

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