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TLV Euro Engineering’s SS1 Free Float steam trap is suitable for use in steam mains, steam tracer lines and small process applications where energy conservation and durability are a major requirement.

According to the company, the typical characteristics of steam distribution mains are that the amount of condensate generated is generally quite small and their hours of operation quite long; in addition, they are often installed outdoors.

To be effective, therefore, the steam traps fitted on these installations must lose only very small amounts of steam during condensate discharge cycles, while offering reliable and stable long-term operation.

The SS1 Free Float steam trap, which is specially designed for steam distribution mains, features a three-point seating to ensure a steam-tight seal, even under the low condensate load conditions experienced in superheated steam lines.

To ensure a long service life, the SS1 Free Float steam trap has only one moving part: a high-precision spherical float that rotates within the trap to allow its entire surface to function as the valve-sealing surface.

The steam trap’s valve opening is also under a continuous water seal, preventing steam from escaping through the valve.

The SS1’s Free Float operation is now used within manufacturing plants to ensure that process efficiency is maximised.

Unlike mechanical steam traps – with their complex bucket, lever and hinge mechanisms – the spherical float in TLV’s Free Float steam traps is the only moving part.

This guarantees long life and reliability and results in an excellent sealing performance, even under conditions of low condensate flow at high pressure and temperature, according to the company.

The steam trap has a maximum operating pressure of 21barg and its stainless-steel construction makes it ideal for specifications requiring extremely high levels of durability and corrosion resistance.

It also offers inline access to internal parts to simplify cleaning and reduce maintenance costs and is available for use with screwed, socket-welded or flanged connections.

TLV was founded about 50 years ago in Japan and is now a recognised global leader in steam engineering and still family owned. From its UK headquarters in Cheltenham, the company offers a wide range of steam engineering products supported by services such as consulting, site inspections and seminar training.

TLV (the name derives from ‘Trouble Less Valve’) has always strived to manufacture innovative, high-quality, long-lasting steam engineering products and systems and one of its early successes — the A3 steam trap — was awarded no less than seven patents. This steam-heating, condensate-cooling, double-jacketed, thermodynamic steam trap is unaffected by ambient conditions and offers an incredible 10 times the durability of previous products.

TLV now designs and manufactures a wide range of products and systems such as the award-winning CV-COS, an electro-pneumatic pressure-reducing valve with a convenient control function; and the Vacuumizer, a vacuum pressure steam heating and cooling system.

TLV has also revolutionised fluid control technology with the launch of its patented ‘Free Float’ steam traps, which, with only one moving part, guarantee long life and reliability.

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