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TME is offering Anly Electronics’ ASR series of semiconductor relays, including many monophase and three-phase elements of nominal currents from 2 to 125A and voltages 24-280 or 48-480V AC.

ASR relays offer all the advantages typical for SSR relays, such as high reliability and long time of failure-free operation, short reaction time and lack of noise or sparking and other vices typical for electromagnetic relays.

They meet all indispensible norms, confirmed by the UL/cUL certificates, and the CE symbol.

Smaller ASR relays with 2 to 6A currents are installed in small, one-row housings for soldering on PCB with dimensions of 36.2 x 22.5 x 5mm.

Other ones, with currents of 10 to 125A, are designed for screw mounting on a panel or a radiator and have compact housings of 57 x 43 x 26.2mm dimensions (monophase ones) or 103 x 78.5 x 28.4 (three-phase ones), with comfortable and heavy-duty clamps for inputs and outputs.

Additionally, they are equipped with kick-on indicators in the form of LED diodes.

The ASR relays are designed to operate at the range of frequencies from 47 to 70 or 63Hz.

Available elements, depending on the type, are triggered with constant voltages of 4-12 to 32V DC or with alternating voltages of 80-280V AC range.

Most types are switched on in the zero voltage; the exception are three-phase relays for inductive load that can be switched on at any moment.

Switching time is usually less than 2ms.

Maximal voltage drop in the switched-on mode is 1.5-2 VACrms, depending on a type.

The elements can withstand 10 times higher current strokes than nominal current.

In the power-off mode they can block peak voltage up to 600 or 1,200V AC and withstand the steepness of voltage alterations up to 100-500V/us.

They ensure isolation input-output of 4 or 2.5kVACrms and isolation between input or output and housing of up to 2.5kVACrms.

Transfer Multisort Elektronik

The Transfer Multisort Elektronik Company was created in 1990 as a little shop run by the family and dedicated to sales of a wide assortment of electronic elements for service and small production purposes. Two years later, we took up the mail-order sale of components. We also started delivering catalogues providing information about products in our offer, which was the innovative practice in these times.

Now TME is the biggest electronic components distributor in central and eastern Europe. We supply several thousands of companies in more than 50 countries and we send almost 2,000 packages a day. Among offered products you will find goods of the majority of significant electronic components producers.

Our staff includes several dozen engineers specialised in the field of electronics and electromechanics, as well as automation consultants ready to support you.

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