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Wonderware UK, a division within SolutionsPT, has announced that Hongyun Honghe Tobacco Group has selected Invensys Wonderware software offerings to manage its energy management system.

Hongyun Honghe Group, a tobacco facility in Kunming, China, plans to use Wonderware Mobile Solutions in conjunction with the Wonderware System Platform to manage its utility operations.

Wonderware Mobile Solutions was selected to implement operational discipline and enhance worker safety by ensuring that the execution of procedures is done correctly.

Shaw Luen Lau, country manager for Wonderware China, said: ‘Wonderware Mobile Solutions will help Hongyun Honghe Group establish best practices by standardising the approach for procedure management and equipment strategies within the energy management and power department.

‘In addition, Wonderware Mobile Solutions enables manufacturing personnel to gather information on data not automatically measured by the control system.

‘Wonderware Mobile Solutions will improve asset utilisation in the plant by allowing the operation of all non-instrumented equipment that controls the utilities of the plant.

‘It will reduce maintenance costs by enabling the energy management and power departments to track equipment maintenance schedules and help maintenance personnel follow procedures correctly.’ The Wonderware solution also will assist Hongyun Honghe Group connect energy management systems to its MES and ERP operations.

The company is in the final stages of integrating its ERP system and Wonderware Mobile Solutions is an integral part of the project, according to Lau.

Wonderware Mobile Solutions is fully integrated with the Wonderware System Platform, which provides a single, scalable platform for all SCADA, supervisory HMI, MES and EMI software solutions.

The complete software solution will enable the automation of the remote notification of project requirements.

It also will help create a paperless operating environment where the plant’s work orders and preventive maintenance procedures are integrated with MES and ERP systems.

Xu Yue Ming, chief information officer for the Hongyun Honghe Group, said: ‘With this energy management solution, we can quickly enable the right person in our organisation to immediately address issues, allowing us to continually achieve our bottom-line operational objectives.’

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