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Tokyo Keiki, formerly Tokimec, a Japanese manufacturer of ultrasonic flow-measurement products, has released a stationary flowmeter for the measurement of water, wastewater and other liquids.

The non-invasive, clamp-on UFL-30 ultrasonic flowmeter is suitable for pipe diameters of 25mm up to 6,000mm and is applicable for a range of flow velocities (+/-30m/s).

The UFL-30 offers a measurement capability from a single path (using one pair of sensors) up to four paths (using four pairs of sensors) with settings that are claimed to be easy to configure and install.

The multi-path measurement mode averages the measured values of each path for greater stability and higher accuracies, even in short, straight pipe runs.

The PC-based configuration software and dialogue prompts provide a step-by-step guide through data entry of all required site conditions, ensuring that users do not overlook any input parameters.

Greater flexibility is provided by an offline configuration and an uploading function, in addition to configuration online.

Online PC data logging with the Flow Config software enables data analysis and output of trend graphs of flow rates, including those of individual paths.

The UFL-30 is equipped with Modbus digital-output protocol, as well as two 4-20mA analogue and four pulse (relay) port outputs for greater application versatility.

The sensors – or transducers – provide IP67 weather protection as standard and the main unit is rated at IP65.

Tokyo Keiki

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