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Tomlinson Hall’s liquid ring vacuum pump, LiquivacO, benefits from more than a decade of continuous product improvement and is set to launch its new marketing strategy in the first quarter of 2009.

An item of equipment for the pharmaceutical, food and beverage and distillation industries, Liquivac is designed to pump single liquids, combination liquids, air and fine solids.

Applied experience and continuous refinement have helped to develop the twin-start helical rotor, which is mounted eccentrically in a cylindrical pump casting.

The inclusion of this technology provides fast self-priming, long suction lines, high flow rates and suction lifts to 8.5m.

The new marketing strategy will feature branded marketing materials, a tactical, targeted advertising campaign and began this year with the launch of the LiquivacO website.

‘LiquivacO is highly reliable with a low friction design, ideal for the chemical, land reclamation and distillation industries,’ said Lee Dale, LiquivacO product manager at Tomlinson Hall.

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