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Tomoe Valve has enhanced its 847T range of chemically resistant butterfly valves as part of the company’s ongoing product development programme.

The extended 847T range benefits from improved sealing performance and strength, and minimal torque under hazardous conditions.

The Tomoe 847T range is used across a wide spectrum of industries including chemical processing, water treatment, food processing and vehicle manufacture.

The construction of the range provides sealing properties essential in applications where conditions are potentially hazardous, such as chlorine, gas, corrosive acids, steam, brines and high-purity systems.

The range is also suitable for cooking oils, cooling water systems and vehicle paint plants.

The seat construction was designed and developed to ensure that there is no mechanical bond between the rubber seat support and the Teflon lining material, eliminating problems of separation and high or variable torque caused by expansion of the lining.

As a result, the range provides stable conditions during the valve operation.

Using an injection-moulding method and utilising the properties of Teflon at a minimum thickness of 3mm, allows the seamless construction of the 847T valves.

This seamless lining delivers stability in all conditions including temperature cycling.

It also eliminates common problems that occur with conventional valves, where permeation of fluids and gases, particularly at high temperatures, can occur.

The upper and lower stem housings of the 847T range have the same length high tension coil springs, which provide equal and consistent loading on the sealing mechanism – important under variable temperature conditions.

Total sealing in the valve structure is achieved by primary, secondary and independent tertiary seal, through the gland packing design.

There is also a fourth seal of dust seal O-rings on the top and bottom shafts.

Also available from Tomoe is a range of actuation packages that are suited to match the operating requirements of the 847T range of valves.

The seat and sealing properties of the 847T products ensure low and consistent torque figures to be maintained and eliminates the effect of ‘disc set’.

This occurs when valves are held in the closed position for long periods of time and the lining sets around the edge of the disc.

These features make the 847T range suited to remote and power operation.

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