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Cutting Systems’ m3 Plasma Package is designed for integrating with arc welding and various other robots used in the manufacturing area.

Its CNC interface enables robot suppliers, integrators and users to perform plasma-arc cutting and marking.

The m3 Plasma Package consists of a plasma power source from the m3 series, a flow-control system, a PT36 torch and a standalone CNC control, such as the ESAB Vision 50P.

The plasma system also comes with a number of interface options to ensure trouble-free integration on different levels with the existing robotic system.

One platform, together with one torch and one set of components, can perform cutting and marking functions in gas-shielded and water-injection plasma-arc cutting modes.

There are four levels of m3 power supplies available to cut material thickness requirements from 2 to 150mm.

They employ the same CNC interface to take advantage of several cutting and marking solutions.

The PT-36 cutting torch is suitable for marking and cutting (straight, thick and precision), as well as bevelling applications and robotic 3D weld-edge preparation cutting.

Also available are air plasma-arc systems designed to interface with robots for lower-cost installations, offering up to 25mm cutting thicknesses.

ESAB Cutting Systems can also supply a complete gas cutting kit for integration into robotic installations.

Where preheating is required, ESAB has developed a torch to perform in robotic applications.

ESAB Cutting Systems

ESAB Cutting Systems is part of the worldwide ESAB Group and has been the leading supplier of profile cutting machines in the UK since its entry into the market nearly 90 years ago. The combination of fast and efficient local sales and service, backed by the resources and experience of the largest cutting machine supplier in the world, offers major advantages to all UK customers.

From its UK head office in Andover, the company markets an unrivalled range of technologically advanced cutting solutions covering high-definition plasma, lasers, oxy-fuel, mechanical routing, control systems, off-line programming software, fume extraction equipment as well as spares and consumables. The company is also renowned for its high quality refurbished machines that provide a highly cost- effective alternative to a new investment.

The worldwide ESAB Cutting Systems organisation is based in Karben near Frankfurt am Main in Germany and is the largest supplier of cutting machines in the world. The company supplies customers in almost every part of the world with technologically advanced solutions.

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