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Koerber Schleifring UK has supplied a Walter Helicheck Basic automatic tool-measuring machine to Quickgrind.

By networking the Walter Helicheck with 11 CNC tool grinders, Quickgrind has effectively created the final link in an automated tool design, manufacturing and inspection chain that eliminates the potential for human error at every stage.

Being used to automatically set-up grinding wheels at the start of the manufacturing process, as well as inspecting ground tool profiles and cutter geometries via integrated links with the company’s 11 CNC tool grinders, the Walter Helicheck completes an automated end-to-end manufacturing process that begins with 3D design and ends with, if required, printed certificates of conformity for every tool produced.

Supplied by Koerber Schleifring UK, the Walter Helicheck Basic offers 3C Direct View camera technology with cameras for back-, front- and top-light illumination of tools measuring up to 320mm diameter by 400mm long.

The back light provides magnification of 50x, front and top of 100x; and combined with the solid granite base plate for temperature resistance and high stability, the result is a repeatability of 1.5 micron and an accuracy of +/- 2.2 micron at a measuring length of 10mm (VDI/VDE 2617: E1 = 2.2 micron + L/300).

According to Martyn Cross, research-and-development manager at Quickgrind, there were three main reasons why the Helicheck was considered vital to the manufacturer’s ethos.

First, its use at the start of the process for automatic wheel set-up away from the grinding machine not only eliminates the potential for human error but also means the tool grinders constantly operate on statutory manufacturing protocols for each tool being produced.

Second, Helicheck tool measurement provides confidence that production is right every time.

Finally, the machine enables Quickgrind to analyse tooling geometries and identify potential performance limitations as well as use the measurement reports to validate geometry enhancements to suit customers’ particular manufacturing requirements.

This further enhances cutting-tool performance, tool life and, ultimately, customer profitability.

Cross added: ‘The measuring protocol that the Helicheck adheres to is the direct result of an integrated manufacturing system that begins with on-screen 3D tool design.

‘The resulting 3D tool models are then used to create the appropriate manufacturing drawings and measuring routines, ensuring the creation of specific master criteria dedicated to each design.’
All data is held on the company’s server system, which is accessed by the shopfloor – starting with the grinding wheel set-up routines.

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