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Parlec tool setters and measuring systems – available in the UK from Gewefa UK – are now available with features that make them compatible with the Mazak Cyber Tool Management system.

Parlec and Mazak have jointly developed the Mazak Cyber Tool Productivity Package, which can interface with any of the four Parsetter TMM pre-setters – all of which now offer data interfacing with the Cyber Tool systems.

A typical package comprises a Mazak Cyber Tool LCD terminal, integrated data transfer from the Parsetter TMM to the Cyber Tool database, multiple data resource configurations to support additional non-Mazak interfaces and a dual tag read/write station Mazak and Balluff RFID systems.

This latter feature permits variable tag locations.

Mazak’s Cyber Tool Management System monitors the status of all tools in the machines’ magazine and checks to ensure that all tools are available for the next part processing.

Cyber Tool Management is part of the four-module Mazak CPC system, which is claimed to reduce set-up times while improving processing times in production.

As well as offering full integration as standard, the Parlec machines offer optional packages that take this data integration and apply it to a specific process, ranging from the most simple to complex fully automated applications.

The Parlec machines are said to offer accuracy, thermal stability and durability.

The Parlevision imaging system and tool data management applications help manufacturers to achieve reductions in set-up times and waste, while increasing tool life and overall component quality.


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