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Imatek has installed an IM10-30HV accelerated Impact Test system at the Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research ( IGCAR) in India.

The centre is engaged in a multidisciplinary programme of scientific research and advanced engineering directed towards the development of Fast Breeder Reactor technology.

The IM10-30 impact test system will be used by IGCAR for characterising the dynamic fracture properties of structural steels and their welds used in the construction of specialist containers for handling nuclear materials.

The machine was supplied complete with many of the available options, including a high-velocity system enabling impact speeds of up to 20m/s and impact energies of up to 2,000J.

The IM10-30 is capable of conducting a range of tests, including NDT testing to the requirements of ASTM E208, charpy testing to ASTM E23, high-rate tensile testing and a cylinder crush/compression test option for metallic specimens.

IGCAR also specified Imatek’s V4001 Integrated High Speed Video System, complete with camera, lighting and integration software.

Integrated high-speed video combines the data captured by the IM10 during the impact test together with high-speed video imagery.

Since the camera and the data acquisition share the same trigger, data points and images can be precisely correlated.

A video sequence provides qualitative information about the test event and the software also allows quantitative information to be extracted.

Integrated high-speed video makes the system suitable for a range of application areas and is available as an option for any of the Imatek range of impact testers or in a standalone mode, making it a general-purpose tool that can be utilised by other parts of a customer’s operation and on a range of test apparatus.

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