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B-Tech Engineering has justified the purchase of its Mori Seiki NH5000 DCG on the savings it could make in tooling costs alone.

The subcontractor produces complex parts for a wide range of industries, including motor sport and aerospace.

To meet the growing needs of its customers, the company required extra machining capacity and a way of producing parts faster and more economically.

Brian Turner, managing director of B-Tech Engineering, said: ‘When we were looking for a new machine, we considered several options, but the speed and rigidity of the Mori Seiki was above that of the competition.’ The cost of tooling is a significant expense for the company, so finding ways to ensure it is minimised is an important way of increasing profits.

Mori Seiki’s DCG technology provides two ball screws on each linear axis.

This eliminates out of balance forces and keeps vibration to an absolute minimum.

The box-in-box construction, developed through extensive static and dynamic analysis and testing, adds to rigidity, and enables the NH5000 DCG to achieve acceleration in excess of 1G and roundness of 1.97 micron.

Turner was also impressed with the direct drive motor on the B-axis and the integral spindle motor.

‘Not only do belt-driven machines produce a lot of vibration, but much of the machine’s power is lost in the mechanism,’ he said.

‘With the Mori Seiki, the stated power is what you actually get at the spindle.’ The choice of a horizontal machining centre had several advantages for B-Tech.

More of the part can be machined in one setting and kits of parts can be loaded to the pallet, producing a complete set in one cycle.

‘Aerospace components often include holes and pockets at many different angles,’ added Turner.

‘The rotary table on the Mori Seiki NH5000 DCG makes it easy to machine these features without repositioning the part.’ ‘The result is improved accuracy and a shorter cycle time for each one.’ Using different fixtures on each face of the tombstone allows the company to mount several components simultaneously.

Some of B-Tech’s customers order kits, so machining them all at the same time helps the company to coordinate production and shorten delivery times.

‘The new machine is running without interruption for very long periods of time,’ said Turner.

Longer continuous machining puts more strain on the tooling, so the NH5000 DCG includes probing and tool-life monitoring.

‘We keep track of how long a cutter has been used for, and automatically switch to another identical one to maintain quality and preserve the tools,’ added Turner.

‘Confidence in the machine and its operation allows us to operate it unmanned overnight.’ The long service life and reliability of Mori Seiki machines was an additional incentive for B-Tech when selecting the NH5000 DCG.

MORI SEIKI with its head offices in Nagoya, Japan, is a pioneer in machine tool building. Founded in 1948 the company has launched more than one hundred different lathe and machining centre series over the years, all NC / CNC models. In total more than 180.000 machines have been produced.

Products from MORI SEIKI are manufactured on the basis of a solid development policy. As manufacturer of machine tools the company has developed a wide range of CNC lathes, machining centres, and multi-axis lathes. Complete solution is the key phrase, as support throughout the full lifecycle of machines is paramount to MORI SEIKI.

MORI SEIKI machines are produced in Japanese production factories Iga, Nara and Chiba, as well as in its production location at Dixi machines in Le Locle, Switzerland. The French company TOBLER SAS – specialists in precise clamping mandrels and clamping tools – also belongs to the Mori Seiki group.

MORI SEIKI has over 90 sales and service technical centres worldwide.

Recent years have seen the company’s dedication in Europe get off to a good start. Various sites have been set up and further expanded. The European training centre is located in the Stuttgart Technical Centre. Here customers, employees and business partners from all over Europe can be trained in extremely well equipped conditions.

We also have a centralised spare parts department in Europe, which has over 23.290 parts in stock, ensuring quicker and more efficient spare parts delivery.

Precision, performance and productivity: that is PURE TECHNOLOGY from MORI SEIKI.

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