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Tormach’s workshop dates for early 2011 include ‘CNC for beginners’ on 27-28 January and 17-18 March, ‘CNC fundamentals’ on 22-25 February and ‘SprutCAM one-day training’ on 22 February.

The workshops offer hands-on training and each course is designed for a different interest level.

‘CNC for beginners’ is a two-day workshop designed for those who are new or just getting started with CNC manufacturing.

The goal of this workshop is to build students’ confidence in operating a CNC machine and to teach them the basics of CAM and toolpath design.

‘CNC fundamentals’ is a three-and-a-half-day workshop designed as an immersion course in CNC for prototyping and custom manufacturing.

This is a survey of the CNC process, from concept to cutting chips, with an emphasis on learning and building confidence.

Each attendee will gain practical experience in CNC programming, machine control and machining as they build a model Stirling engine.

There will be significant emphasis on Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM), advanced CNC control and workholding techniques.

‘SprutCAM one-day training’ provides attendees with basic knowledge to use SprutCAM for programming tool paths for a CNC mill.

The class will focus will be on taking a design from 3D model to complete tool-path creation, with special attention on configuring SprutCAM for mill and tool libraries.

Advanced topics include fourth-axis and lathe programming.

The workshops will be held in Waunakee, Wisconsin, just north of Madison.

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