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Tormach’s Tool Assistant software for tool tables, offsets and measurement allows machinists to move their tool table information from the Mach3 mill control software over to the desktop and CAM.

Tool Assistant allows users to read, write, sort, edit, duplicate and transfer the tool table that is native to the Mach3 program.

Tormach has also interfaced the software to its 8in digital height gauge for one-button tool measurement.

Instead of mounting tools and dealing with tool touch off, it sets the tool under the height gauge with one push of the record button.

Tool Assistant also allows for quick tool description entry with its predefined database of descriptions.

However, for machinists that prefer their own descriptions the database allows for additions to the pull-down list.

The software also has the ability to save the tool table in the CSV file format, which is common to Microsoft Excel and other programs.

Some CAM programs can even read tool tables in the CSV format, allowing the user to synchronise their CAM software to the mill software.

One difference between the Tool Assistant and conventional tool presetters, according to Tormach, is that a conventional presetter measures both length and radius, Tool Assistant only measures length.

The software will also only work with Tormach’s USB interface cable and 8in digital height gauge.

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