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The Secomak Tornado, a water removal system that eliminates water from food containers and packaging, has been recognised in the 2009 Machinery of Excellence category at the Starpack Awards.

This product uses the Coanda aerodynamic effect to create blasts of suction from specially profiled Ringjet air amplifiers.

The technology has been fully tested in the company’s Drying Centre, part of the Sustainable Energy Laboratories at Hertfordshire University.

The unit incorporates a fully patented coaxial jet system to first displace and then remove bulk water from the ends of containers, especially in the canning process.

In high-speed conveyor lines in the food-and-drink industry, it has achieved energy savings of at least 30 per cent compared with conventional solutions.

An additional energy saving is achieved with a Secomak Airsaver unit, which provides ’supply-on-demand’ control.

Energy efficiency and low-noise operation are key features, along with stainless-steel construction, low maintenance and ease of fitting, according to the company.

For over 80 years Secomak has been supplying customers with a industry leading range of Drying Systems, Centrifugal Fans, Blowers, Shrinking and Latex-testing, Gas Boosters, Process Heaters, Compressed Air Systems, Air Canons and Air Knife Technologies.

Using our unique experience of air movement technology we have developed a range of application specific equipment that utilises the Secomak core product range.

Our designs are used in a large number of well known brands for applications such as, drying containers and surfaces, and objects of any size and shape, shrink packaging and leak proof packaging, gas boosting, air shielding, surface and conveyor cleaners.

Other applications include removing surface debris, liquid, dust, powder and small objects in production processes and cooling or heating objects and surfaces using controlled air. Further applications include extrusion drying and cooling, strip drying cooling, compressed air amplifying and efficient alternatives to fan applications.

Our solutions are cost effective, energy saving, efficient, and environmentally friendly. They are designed to suit the specific application and are engineered to meet the exacting requirements of our world-wide customer base. Applications vary widely and more often clients require bespoke designs to meet their unique needs. We can direct you towards the optimum solution as we have many years of experience in catering to demanding projects.

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