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Mountz has expanded its EZ-Glider range with a line of high torque capacity telescoping torque arms, which are designed to improve production and quality control during the assembly process.

The inverted telescoping torque arm models are able to work with higher torque output tools and provide ergonomic safety for their operators.

According to Mountz, the ergonomic design of the EZ-Glider torque arms reduces repetitive motion injury (RMI) and carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).

It is claimed that handling the torque arm is effortless, providing comfortable tool operation and increased production.

They are designed to eliminate torque reaction of power and pneumatic tools.

Crafted with lightweight durable carbon fibre, the torque arm collapses like a telescope.

Mountz claims the EZ-Glider inverted telescoping torque arms are easy to use, require little space and don’t disrupt production flow.

They increase operating length, with models that can extend up to 8ft.

The torque arms are suitable for assembly lines such as in the automotive, aerospace and appliance industries, where space is a premium and operator safety is mandatory.

Assembly tools can be mounted to a telescoping torque arm and hung above to fixed rail system or a trolley system.

When the piece part moves down the assembly line, the operator grabs the tool and uses it.

The EZ-Glider inverted telescoping torque arms are designed to securely keep electric or pneumatic drivers in perpendicular or level alignment to help prevent side loading or cross threading occurring during the assembly process.

The maintenance-free arms help remove the operator’s influence in the assembly process and to strengthen quality control.

Offering an increased torque operating capacity of up to 200Nm, these arms can be used with a variety of assembly tools, such as electric and pneumatic screwdrivers, angle nut runners, pulse tools, pistol-grip style tools, grinders, impact wrenches, drills, sanders and percussion tools.

The EZ-Glider inverted telescoping arms give manufacturers the ability to mount the arms to a wall, workbench, standard rail system, aluminium extrusion or existing overhead system.

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