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The Torquepress 200 - .PDF file.

Schmidt has introduced the Torquepress 200 motor, with 200kN nominal force and 500mm stroke.

The high torque of the Schmidt Torquepress 200 allows very high forces without additional mechanical transmissions.

In comparison to high-ratio electric motor-driven spindle presses, Schmidt said that the Torquepress 200 has an essential lower self moment of inertia and therefore a high dynamic.

For this reason, the run-up time from zero to working speed is very short.

The noise remains low with all load conditions.

The Schmidt Torquepress 200 is permanently load stable due to its active temperature-controlled cooling.

A mechanical overload protection becomes active in case the allowable top force of 250kN has been exceeded.

Further features include the precise, wear-free roller guide of the ram, the integrated fail-safe force-stroke monitoring and a true closed-loop force control integrated in the drive control (continuous force control).

The integrated two-channel safety technology according to category 4 allows the EC-type approval for complete systems, which is required for manual load work stations.

Schmidt Technology

SCHMIDT Technology Ltd. (UK) has grown to become the UK market leader in first-class stand alone machines, press tooling and assembly stations. The company has an excellent quality record and an experienced, loyal and highly motivated workforce.

The SCHMIDT Press Control offers high standards of safety and precision due to its force/stroke monitoring and integrated measurement technology.

SCHMIDT Technology Ltd. (UK) aims to provide a Total Tooling Solution to its customers from design and sampling to manufacture. Our tools are built for maximum life with minimum servicing. We strongly believe that quality tooling is essential to meet high productivity levels.

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