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The Torqueflow Eliminator Grinder pump is capable of pumping over high lifts and long distance via small bore pipes up to five bar in raw sewage and wastewater applications.

The pump and system discharge flow remains constant at all pressures, which ensures that the system’s waste is emptied successfully at all times.

Unknown installation details such as final discharge pipe route and the number of bends being greater than anticipated are accounted for by the pump.

In order to eliminate possible backflow/overflow, users should adopt a pump with a flow performance that is independent of the system’s actual discharge lift/pressure and fluid friction loss requirements.

The Eliminator achieves suction lifts of up to 6m.

This mean that the Bi-Hammer macerator blades operate at the same force and can shred almost anything in its path before transferring off to its final destination.

The Torqueflow Eliminator Grinder pump can be used in applications such as waste tank emptying, portable toilet blocks, marquee events, boat waste tank emptying, leisure park facilities, commercial office blocks and many more.

An optional control panel with level controls is also available.


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