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Torqueflow-Sydex has unveiled shaftless screw conveyors, designed for efficient transportation of materials with minimal maintenance and maximum reliability.

The shaftless screw conveyor rotates inside a trough with a maximum inclination of 30 degrees.

The trough has bolted covers for simple maintenance.

The design and selection of materials can easily be adapted each time to the properties of the product to be conveyed (waste water treatment application, food or industry, for example).

To reduce maintenance costs, the gearbox is directly connected to the shaftless spiral above the discharge point.

The only moving part in contact with the material is the screw itself, eliminating any requirements for expensive bearing or mechanical seal arrangements.

Technical features include: shaftless spiral, no bearing in bottom end of conveyor; robust design; conveyor can be mounted horizontally or inclined.

These conveyors can be used in a variety of applications including: waste matter – sludge, abattoir waste, general rubbish, ashes, metal grindings; food products – grain, powder, sugar, salt, flour, meal, various waste products; paper and pulp – pulp, fibre sludge, wood chips, bark, sand, screenings; recycled paper – pulped reject, heavy reject, fibre sludge, screenings; fuels – wood chips, straw, sawdust, wood dust, peat, pellets, carbon.


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