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Toshiba Europe Storage Device Division has launched a range of HDDs with a top capacity of 500GB.

The family of 2.5in HDDs, which operate at 7,200RPM, combine high speed and capacity with increased energy-consumption efficiency, making them suitable for use in high-performance laptops and notebooks.

Designed to help OEMs meet the demands of high-performance commercial, consumer, gaming and compact notebooks, the range allows a fast internal transfer rate of 1255Mb/s.

The top capacity 500GB hard disk drive can store up to either 142,000 digital photos, 131,000 digital music files, 222 hours of DVD-quality video or 58 hours of high-definition video.

The 500GB HDD (MK5056GSY) offers areal density of 395Gb/in2 and consumes 0.0020W/GB of power-consumption efficiency in operation.

This is reduced to 0.16W when on standby and 0.13W in sleep mode.

The energy-efficient design also helps to extend the battery life of laptops and reduce the environmental impact of the devices.

The environmental impact of this range of HDDs has been reduced by the elimination or reduction of certain toxic and hazardous chemicals such as halogen in its manufacture.

Other drives in the range include the MK1656GSY, MK2556GSY and MK3256GSY, which offer 160, 250 and 320GB of storage, respectively.

All ensure fast system performance with a 16MB disk cache and 11m/s seek time.

Toshiba Storage Device Division

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