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Toshiba has launched two 7,200RPM SATA 2.5in HDDs that are designed to address requirements across consumer, enterprise and industrial applications.

The products provide OEMs with a selection of high-capacity HDDs that are optimised for high-end computing, high-durability systems and security-sensitive applications in a portable and power-efficient form factor.

The first HDD is the MKxx61GSY, which provides up to 640GB of storage capacity for consumer applications and is available with a self-encrypting drive (SED) option.

The second is the MKxx61GSYB, a high-durability HDD that offers up to 500GB capacity and is designed for industrial and enterprise applications requiring constant operation and the intensive reading and writing of data.

As an integrated range of performance-optimised devices, they will enable OEMs operating across multiple market segments to access the low-energy, portability and large storage capabilities of 2.5in HDD technology.

The MKxx61GSY series offers storage capacities of 160, 250, 320, 500 and 640GB, with an interface transfer speed of 3Gb/sec and an areal density of up to 506.3Gb/in2, respectively.

It makes up to 320GB available in a single platter design, with 500 and 640GB delivered across two platters.

The design’s ability to deliver high storage capacities at speeds of 7,200RPM boosts overall system and application responsiveness when deployed in home and enterprise computing environments, delivering greater productivity and smoother graphics rendering.

The MKxx61GSY is designed to enable end users to download and store greater volumes of rich media content, including video games and high-definition video.

It enables OEMs to improve the internal storage capabilities of portable and compact applications such as notebook PCs, gaming laptops, mobile workstations, and slimline and all-in-one desktop PCs.

An optional free-fall sensor safeguards the device and data contained within HDD, even if it is dropped.

It is also quiet, with the MKxx61GSY operating at the threshold of human hearing in seek and idle modes.

The MKxx61GSYB series builds on the MKxx61GSY platform to extend the benefits of small-form-factor technology into industrial and enterprise applications that require reliable storage for intensive, ‘always-on’ operations.

Its high-durability design includes best-in-class rotational vibration tolerance, delivering 24/7 operation support at a 50 per cent duty cycle.

Consequently, it optimises performances in systems that require multiple drive configurations and intensive-use scenarios, such as telecommunications switches and blade servers.

The MKxx61GSYB offers between 80 and 500GB of storage capacity to OEMs and systems integrators deploying complex enterprise and industrial technology solutions.

Its ruggedised design, power efficiency and ability to deliver near-24-hour availability in a small form factor makes it ideal for routers, network switches, surveillance cameras, industrial PCs and robotics.

The MKxx61GSY SED option has been developed to help OEMs and end users to comply with regulation on data protection through technology that secures data stored on the device, even when not in use, making it suitable for organisations in sectors such as health, government and financial services.

Toshiba’s 2.5in HDD range provides equivalent storage capacities and performance to 3.5in HDD technology, but consumes substantially less energy – according to the company.

For example, the 640GB MKxx61GSY consumes only 0.00013W/GB and operates at a lower temperature, reducing the environmental impact of devices into which it is integrated while contributing to improved system performance and durability.

All drives are fully compliant with RoHS regulation and are halogen free.

Toshiba Storage Device Division

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