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Base Handling Products has improved on its Single Pillar Tote Bin Tipper, used in the food and pharmaceutical industries to lift and discharge into production processes such as mixers and grinders.

The previous Tote Bin Tipper model has been in successful continuous production for 20 years and there is still hundreds of machines still in daily operation.

Developed and manufactured by Base Handling Products in the UK, the new model offers key advantages including a simplified control panel, easier to clean construction and a fail-safe safety latch.

The current machine takes advantage of newer production and design techniques, allowing pricing to compete more favourably with imported equipment.

The machine is a single-pillar 200-litre tote bin tipper designed to lift and tip at a discharge height of up to 2,300mm.

The required height can be specified at time of ordering.

It is hygienically constructed from Grade 304 stainless steel, is fully TIG welded throughout and operates on a ‘dead mans handle’ principle.

Lifting with the machine is achieved by a 3/4in Simplex chain driven by a motor gearbox mounted at the top of the main column.

The Tipper can either be stationary bolted to the floor or mobile on castors.

The unguarded machine is fitted with a unique safety latch that engages automatically in the extremely unlikely event of a lift-chain failure.

One of the first customers for the new Tipper is Mash Direct of County Down, which is an Irish producer of quick-serve mashed potato, vegetable and cabbage product.

Mash Direct now has four of the Base Bin Tippers, which are handling a high tonnage with mixed volumes and weights and, according to the company, replacing a time consuming and laborious manual operation.

The Tote Bin Tipper is designed to handle a standard 200-litre tote bin that is available from Base Handling Products in food and pharmaceutical grade stainless steel, or a plastic version of the bin available in a wide range of colours.

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