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Developed for Zytronic’s proprietary range of touch sensors, the ZXY100/128 touch controller supports touchscreens greater than 50in (126cm) across.

It is supported by the same WHQL-certified driver as smaller controllers in the ZXY100 range and is fully compatible with all the developer’s Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT) touch sensors, including Zypos, Zybrid and Zytouch.

Like the rest of the range, it contains a 32-bit ARM microprocessor containing Zytronic’s proprietary firmware, designed for fast touch-detection and enhanced responsiveness in both direct-touch and through-glass sensing modes.

Working with the processor is a custom-designed application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), which incorporates the multiplexing functionality of several analogue components and contributes to the small footprint of the controller.

Features include dual-touch output for linkage to ‘multi-touch’ or gesture-recognition software, Windows 7 plug and play, in-field firmware upgradeability and reduced PCB footprint.

On-board flash memory enables in-field firmware updates to be performed.

PCT touch sensing comprises an array of micro-fine capacitive sensing elements.

These are embedded within a variety of durable substrates, which provide protection to the sensing matrix.

A key feature of PCT is its ability to operate behind thick glass overlays, enabling reliable, functional and versatile touch interfaces in outdoor or demanding public-use applications such as information kiosks, vending and ticketing systems, interactive digital signage, medical displays, industrial PCs and ATMs.

Customers using the Windows7 operating system have the choice of installing Zytronic’s fully configurable driver (UPDD) or using the basic in-built Microsoft touchscreen driver (HID).

Upon request Zytronic will release the controller output protocol to those customers wishing to write their own application-specific touch drivers and interfaces.

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