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Compair has launched the Delcos XL, a built-in, easy-to-use touch-screen controller that enables the efficient and reliable operation of its rotary screw compressors.

Fitted to Compair’s L30-L132 range of fixed and regulated speed compressors, the Delcos XL displays detailed system analysis, including network pressure and weekly average volume flow, in the form of on-screen trend diagrams and graphs, without the need for additional monitoring devices.

Analysis of these trends enables users to set precise operating parameters for their compressor.

The multilingual control system will then continuously monitor these settings, helping to reduce overall running costs.

The controller’s real-time clock enables users to start and stop their compressor at pre-set times.

This allows the system to be pressurised prior to production, meaning users can have instant availability of compressed air.

The Delcos XL’s second pressure setting matches compressor flow to plant demand.

This reduces compressor idling and is said to be particularly useful during periods of reduced production, such as the weekend, and when maintenance work is carried out.

The secondary pressure setting also enables two Delcos XL units to be sequenced without the need for additional equipment.

The controller’s service diagnostics feature enables compressor inputs and outputs to be tested, and provides quick identification of any faults, which can result in reduced downtime.

A detailed analysis of up to 64 faults can be stored by the controller, providing information including the time, date, temperature and pressure of the compressor when each fault occurred.

Delcos XL’s integrated cooling and dryer controls allow the compressor’s cooling fan to run continuously, if required, and enables the dryer to be started before the compressor, to ensure it is fully functional when system air is required.

As well as on-site monitoring, the controller can also communicate with external interfaces, such as a PC, allowing for the remote control of the compressor.

In the event of a power failure, the Delcos XL can be set to automatically restart the compressor, without the need for an operator, meaning downtime is kept to a minimum.

All of the controller’s functions are clearly structured within five main menus on a user-friendly high-resolution touch-screen display.

A home page provides an instant overview of the compressor status, allowing users to quickly identify any faults.

All menus can be code-protected to eliminate any misuse or incorrect operation.

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