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Avalue Technology has launched the SPC-series fan-less touch-panel PC designed with full IP65 stainless steel chassis for rugged environments.

The SPC-series adopts Intel Atom D525 dual-core 1.8GHz CPU with ICH-M chipset, which features good performance, reliability, low-power consumption, durability and longevity.

The SPC-series is characterised by a stainless steel chassis with wide voltage.

The fan-less touch-panel PCs are designed with a multi-layer waterproof rubber O-ring to complete the full IP65 sealing.

Seamless, flat membrane buttons and a high-level water/dust-proof IP67 connector ensure liquid penetration can be avoided.

Slanting rubber sits on the front panel to help with water draining.

The SPC-series supports a voltage range of +12V~28V, enabling more device connection, especially for more convenience of +24V industrial power input specifications.

A wide voltage offers more flexibility of usage and also secures the system from power input change.

The SPC-series is equipped with an over-current protection design; the power input will be stopped when more than +28V, protecting the system from damage.

It features a special coating surface to prevent oxidisation and is strongly resistant to corrosion caused by acids and alkalis.

Its stainless steel design prohibits bacteria or germs from attaching, helping the food processing industry avoid contamination.

This surface is also easy to clean.

The SPC-series is resistant to scratches from nails, coins, keys and sharp metal tools.

With Avalue optical bonding technology, the SPC-series features a sunlight-readable panel to enhance the visual effect in sunlight.

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