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Caltron has released the IPR-2206O and IPS-2206O touch-screen monitors for digital signage.

The 22in digital-signage touch-screen monitor is available in the IPR-2206O 22in open-frame resistive or IPS-2206O 22in open-frame surface acoustic-wave version.

With hood viewing angles and a high resolution, the monitors are suited for a range of applications.

The touch-screen monitors are robust and are capable of handling many harsh environments.

The screens are spill proof, so there is no worry about water damaging the units.

Caltron’s 22in monitors can be used specifically for digital-signage applications or for a variety of applications beyond digital signage.

They are robust and use parts that will not change the form factor for the lifetime of the monitor, so integrators and applications with specially designed enclosures need not worry about component upgrades and replacements.

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