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Banner Engineering has introduced the Ivu Plus touch-screen vision sensor, which features Ethernet connectivity and advanced inspection capabilities.

Ethernet connectivity enables Ivu Plus sensors to share inspection data directly with PLCs, PCs or other factory devices, making communications and control even easier on the plant floor.

The Ivu Plus is also capable of storing up to 30 inspections, accommodating rapid product changeover, while a Sort sensor function facilitates sorting of as many as 10 patterns in a single inspection.

Inspection set-up is said to be simple with the Ivu; configuration is accomplished through a menu-driven user interface designed for efficiency and ease of use, with no PC required.

The Ivu Plus range includes integrated touch-screen TG and barcode reader (BCR) models, as well as remote versions of both.

Integrated Ivu Plus sensors allow users to quickly set up and modify an inspection onsite, while remote versions pair a remote touch-screen display with one or more separate sensors, facilitating inspection set-up and monitoring for difficult-to-access areas.

Equipped with three discrete communication channels over Ethernet or serial interfaces and a faster processor, both the Ivu Plus TG and Ivu Plus BCR models can export data, such as inspection and image results, to HMIs and PCs at greater speed.

Sensors feature a Command channel and Data Export channels to support remote control and results, as well as an Image Export channel to export image data.

A 2.7in (68.5mm) LCD colour built-in display comes standard on integrated models, while the remote versions feature a 3.5in (88.9mm) display.

The Ivu Plus TG can be configured to operate as one of four different sensor types to tackle diverse inspections.

These types include: Area, which verifies the presence of a feature or features of interest; Blemish, which identifies flaws on a part, such as scratches on a disc; Match, which verifies that a pattern, shape or part in any orientation matches a reference pattern; and Sort, which recognises and sorts different patterns of parts, such as nuts, bolts and washers.

The Sort function allows users to train the sensor to distinguish among as many as 10 patterns.

Combined with Ethernet connectivity, the Ivu Plus TG vision sensor allows for the quick introduction of new patterns and rapid product changeover.

The Ivu Plus BCR reads and optionally validates data within Datamatrix (ECC200 barcodes) and several linear barcodes, such as Code 128, Codabar, and Pharmacode.

With the support of Ethernet connectivity, the Ivu Plus BCR sensor also has the ability to remotely update the data used for validation from anywhere on the Ethernet network.

Each Ivu Plus model is housed in an IEC IP67-rated housing, making the sensors rugged and versatile to suit a range of application environments.

The camera acquires up to 100 frames per second, and each sensor includes an integrated ring light available in red, green, blue, white or infrared.

With USB 2.0 output, users can simply save and load configuration data to expedite inspection set-up.

Additionally, the sensor emulator allows users to modify an inspection offline, reducing costly downtime.

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