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Densitron has launched the DTS416 range of five-wire glass film glass analogue resistive touch panels for weather-, industrial- or instrument-grade touch display applications.

The combination of traditional resistive touch with the addition of a glass cover lens is said to offer a cost-competitive, hardened sensor for use with a gloved hand, in a wet or harsh working environment, or when a passive stylus is required.

The touch screens are said to work with thick gloves and when extremely wet, even with salt water.

Transparency is 80 per cent (typical); haze: 4.5 per cent; operating force

Steel Ball/67g; height: 100cm; durability: 10M times (knock test); scratch-resistant hardness: 7Mohs; drift: repeated calibration typically necessary.

The touch panels work with a passive stylus in sizes from 5.7in to 12.1in standard; custom sizes are available on request.

The addition of a thin micro-sheet of glass bonded to the face of the film to the glass touch screen allows the Densitron DTS416 family of touch screens to offer 7Mohs scratch hardness, reducing scratches and abrasion.

This approach produces a cost-competitive glass-surfaced touch screen suitable to an array of applications.

Densitron Display Solutions

Densitron is an established display solution provider that has over thirty years of experience in providing comprehensive solutions to global organisations.  The company is an experienced manufacturer and supplier of innovative custom and standard display solutions utilising OLED, TFT, STN, CSTN, Monochrome and Touch Screen technologies, and engineering design and production services which include housing and environmental enhancements.  Densitron also invests in and offers user-friendly proprietary evaluation kits.

Densitron’s Engineering Design Service (EDS) provides end-to-end project support and encompasses every aspect of product development and manufacture, including design, prototyping, tooling, production and assembly. Throughout every stage Densitron uses the most advanced production technology, and work to strict quality control systems.  

Densitron continues to adapt its product and service offerings to accommodate the rapidly changing requirements of industry worldwide and its responsive local technical support team is on hand to assist customers with the design and production of value-added display solutions.

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