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Toyota Material Handling is launching three models from its BT hand pallet truck range to meet specific customer requirements.

The three models – BT Lifter Ultra Low, BT Lifter Galvanized and BT Lifter with weight indicator – offer features to enhance productivity and efficiency in specific applications.

Developed for a Swedish retailer, the BT Lifter Ultra Low (LHM075UL) has a minimum fork height of 35mm, making it suitable for applications using space-saving low-clearance and disposable pallets or load ledges, which are increasingly common in containers loaded by conventional forklifts.

The BT Lifter Ultra Low has a load capacity of 750kg.

The BT Lifter Galvanized (LHM230G) is an economical alternative to the BT Stainless Lifter and is suitable for semi-wet environments.

This model allows efficient and reliable operation in applications where the BT Stainless Lifter is not absolutely required, increasing operating life, but at a low cost for this type of specialised equipment.

The BT Lifter with weight indicator (LHM230WI) provides an accurate estimate of load weight during the handling process without delaying the movement of goods.

The indicator is +/-20kg accurate and can accommodate loads up to the full 2,300kg capacity of the truck.

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