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Trac has assembled a suite of services that is now ready to be accessed by any company developing electronic products for use in the MoD’s Light Protected Patrol Vehicle (LPPV) programme.

Trac is equipped to provide a range of testing services, notably in areas such as safety and EMC (electromagnetic compatibility).

The company already works closely with Millbrook Proving Ground, where vehicles are tested in respect of their mobility against a Battlefield Mission (BFM), and has established procedures to schedule programmes of testing in both arenas.

The LPPV programme, which aims to provide the services with a new vehicle that will offer greatly increased protection to small, highly mobile teams, was defined in 2008 and is now at the stage of evaluation of initial vehicle offerings from multiple manufacturers.

When it enters service, LPPV can be expected to carry an increasing electronic-equipment payload in categories including communications, surveillance and electronic counter-measures.

Only comprehensive testing to a demanding specification can provide the assurance that systems will operate – and interoperate – with total reliability when called on to do so.

As with all such programmes, LPPV specifies with some precision the test regime that equipment intended for installation in the platform must undergo, embodied in the System Requirement Document (SRD).

The company is fully accredited to all the requisite security aspects covering this class of work.

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