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Trac has extended its capabilities in testing products against the requirements of the Noise at Work Directive.

The directive sets out the legal maximum noise levels to which workers may be exposed and imposes a duty on employers to protect their employees’ hearing.

Employers can meet their obligations either by ensuring that none of the equipment that workers use or have around them subjects them to noise levels above the permitted thresholds; or, if that is not feasible, by providing effective hearing protection.

Trac operates a facility and service with the resources to ensure that the noise emitted by any product, tool or item of equipment is within the specified limits.

The directive’s limits are defined in terms of noise that actually reaches the human ear and, therefore, Trac has invested in facilities such as a standardised simulator representing the human head and torso as its model for every test.

To ensure that measurements are made in precisely controlled conditions, the company’s site at Hull is equipped with an anechoic chamber – a sealed room that allows no sound in from the outside world while tests are carried out.

Employers can protect their workers’ hearing, and themselves, from possible legal consequences by ensuring that key items of equipment issued to their staff have been tested as complying with the regulations.

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