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Trace Software has announced that Elecworks, its flagship product, has achieved Certified Gold Partner status with DS Solidworks.

This certification places electrical design as a development axis for Solidworks 3D CAD and induces Trace Software to keep on strengthening mechanical and electrical collaborative work through a seamless integrated tool.

Elecworks enables users to design automation and electrical installation projects from 2D schematics up to 3D design.

It has been designed for engineers who want to integrate electrical schematic in their existing Solidworks platform as an easy-to-use add on.

It uses a ribbon interface and operates on Windows.

An additional Routing and Cabling module enables cabinet and machine 3D automatic wiring.

As requested through the Gold application process, customers have tested both the performance and the integration level of Elecworks.

Customers have commented about the benefits of combining electrical schematics with 3D mechanical views, as well as real-time change updates between Elecworks-Solidworks and/or different project participants.

DS Solidworks’s certification ensures that appropriate levels of support are available and that Trace Software intends to regularly update the product.

Elecworks is available in English, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese and, in the near future, German and Japanese.

For customers, Elecworks’ Certified Gold product status means compliance with Solidworks Certified Gold product criteria, including compatibility with each new Solidworks release.

Elecworks, with it’s Gold status, means real-time updates between Elecworks and Solidworks, whether viewing Solidworks 3D interface or Elecworks 2D schematics.

It also boosts productivity with projects stored in a database and no data import/export hassle.

Adding electrical design on their existing platform saves data exchange and training time, and increases productivity.

Trace Software

Founded in 1989, Trace Software International provides software solutions used to design, calculate, simulate and manage electrical installations in the aim of improving productivity, cost optimisation and automation of tedious tasks. In 20 years, Trace Software International has acquired a unique expertise in partnership with leading market software makers, especially with Dassault Systemes and Autodesk, and has double proficiency in electrical calculation and electrical installations and automation design with wiring management.

The company develops and sells various solutions:

  • Elecworks: electrical CAD, with a full standalone solution or with SolidWorks add-ins for integrating 2D schematic electrical data into mechanical 3D views. Optional Routing and Cabling module for automatic 3D wiring of a panel or a machine. Optional PDM module
  • Elec Calc: multi-standard calculation of low-voltage electrical installations with integrated module for discrimination studies, partial or total intelligent selectivity and selectivity by curves with information supplied by equipment manufacturers
  • Solar Calc: calculation of photovoltaic installations connected to public electrical distribution network
  • Trace Elec Cabling: calculation and easy optimisation of facility wiring paths based on environmental constraints (separation of signal types, raceway fill rate)
  • Trace Elec Distribution: single-line electrical schematic of distribution lines and wiring diagrams, low voltage or high voltage

Partner to SolidWorks, Trace Software International is present worldwide. With a head office in France, Trace Software International has offices in Michigan (US), Shanghai (China) and Barcelona (Spain).

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