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SG Systems has provided a traceability solution to improve production control at a facility that packs fresh produce.

SG Systems was able to produce a traceability system for Freshpoint, a US-based fresh produce distributor, complying with the most stringent legislations while delivering an ROI through improved yield at the quality control points.

The Vantage Traceability Solution is a combination of hardware and software modules that integrate with the company’s ERP System, providing control to the production floor where produce such as tomatoes are repackaged into new customer specific boxes.

It starts by a download from the Freshpoint standard AS400-based ERP solution.

This download provides the Vantage shop floor workstations with information relating to customer orders, delivery dates, items ordered and available inventory to ‘deduct’ from.

The workstations take the form of touch-screen Vantage production line terminals, barcode scanners, label printers and a heavy-duty platform scale.

When the line supervisors select the relevant customer sales order from the Vantage touch-screen display, it details how many boxes of a particular product have been ordered.

Each box of tomatoes is then filled to a target weight, forcing the operator to add more products if the package is underweight – a legislative issue surrounding minimum weight.

If the box is too heavy, then product is removed until within the target, preventing unnecessary product giveaway.

Only when the box is exactly within the weighing tolerance will a label be printed to apply to the box.

Each label is unique and fully traceable.

The label displays information such as the lot number, country of origin code, customer name, use-by date and customer details.

As each label is generated, the Vantage System is adding product to the customer order to enable the management team to have real-time production information based on actual throughput.

Based on the Vantage traceability system, the reporting package has the ability to pinpoint which lot numbers have been delivered to which customers and when – all in real time.

The lot number is entered into the PC to generate a ‘product dispatch’ report giving emergency contact details in the event of a product recall.

The reports package also enables visibility of operator performance, production throughput and production yield, while generating no additional workload for the site staff.

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