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T-Flex Parametric and Traceparts have announced the availability of the native T-Flex format in the Traceparts CAD Parts Library.

T-Flex users now have direct online access to the extensive models of the purchased and standard parts from leading manufacturers.

In addition to the existing features of the T-Flex CAD version 11, T-Flex users have another direct and immediate benefit from the partnership with Traceparts.

Designers in machinery, mechanical systems and mould construction will be able to save time that was previously wasted on manufacturer inquiries about CAD models or on re-drawing the required components themselves for the integration into designs.

The search engine on Traceparts enables quick location of the desired purchased and standard parts.

The data can be loaded in the native T-Flex format directly via a website.

T-Flex CAD is a combined 2D and 3D CAD system for history-based mechanical design (MCAD) in machine, systems and mould construction with an integrated open API.

The 3D editor offers all of the customary functions such as individual and multiple parts elements, assemblies and welds, metals and tubes, solids, rule-based and free-form surfaces, table and database control, associated 2D drafting according to different norms including cutaway and detail views, as well as automatic parts lists.

However, the 2D section is not simply subordinate to the modeller, it comprises its own complete CAD system that can be used to fabricate standardised parametric drawings, assembly drawings and even 2D assemblies.

Of particular note is the transition to the optional CAM module, the analysis module (FEA) and the Dynamic Analysis module.

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