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The latest edition of Lambda’s Tracepro illumination and optical analysis software includes an enhanced ray-sorting feature that is suitable for studying bulk scatter events in medical and stray-light applications.

Version 7.1 of the software incorporates a new 3D visualisation feature that displays irradiance, illuminance, CIE and true-colour plots and provides in-depth views in order to spot unwanted light and uniformity issues.

Tracepro 7.1’s new path-sorting feature identifies every non-sequential ray path both quantitatively and visually; in this way, stray light, unwanted energy and ghost paths can be tracked down.

An enhanced ray-sorting feature provides visual displays of bulk scatter and diffraction paths.

Key features

  • 3D plots allow complete pan, zoom and rotation of the view using standard mouse manipulation
  • 3D visualisation is displayed directly onto selected curved and planar surfaces and parts in the system view
  • Multi-core thread setting selects the number of core that the software can use, while leaving others free for foreground applications

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