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Fleetmatics explains how, by implementing the Fleetmatics vehicle-tracking system, employers can get the most productivity out of the company vehicles.

The system is designed to reward hard work and eliminate bad habits that can lead to serious financial loss.

The Fleetmatics GPS system provides alerts that allow businesses to maintain a proper maintenance schedule for the vehicles.

This ensures that the vehicles are up to date with oil changes, tyre rotations and all other servicing needs.

GPS tracking also helps expedite recovery of stolen vehicles and any equipment or tools on board.

Because vehicles with GPS tracking are more likely to be recovered sooner, resulting in little to no loss or damages, insurance premiums are reduced as a reward for the extra safety measures.

Service GPS fleet tracking ensures that customers will no longer have the ability to lodge false complaints about overcharges.

Businesses can back employee claims of services rendered.

In addition, GPS allows businesses to respond quicker to customer needs and provides numerous benefits that help increase revenue.

These include reduced fuel costs, lower insurance premiums, increased productivity, improved dispatching and back office efficiencies.

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