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Chemlogix will leverage integrated, web-based trade software products from Questaweb to provide enhanced international supply chain and logistics services to its global customer base.

Utilising Questaweb trade software in combination with its own resources, the company claims that it will provide customers with greater online visibility, process automation and international trade documentation capabilities to streamline the management of global supply chain operations for better performance and reduced costs.

Stephen Hamilton, managing director of Chemlogix Global, said: ‘Communication is key in international trade as a lot of timing is involved between government agencies, brokers and trucking companies in handling freight.

‘With the ability to track freight status online on a real-time basis, our customers can gain better control over operations to not only accelerate the shipment of goods across the global supply chain but to gain cost efficiencies associated with improved co-ordination among shipping partners,’ he said.

Questaweb’s on-demand software applications facilitate the timely and compliant movement of goods from the point of origination to the point of destination, across borders, anywhere in the world.

Their solutions enable importers, exporters, freight forwarders and customs brokers to increase financial and supply chain efficiencies, improve customer satisfaction and enhance control costs.

Chemlogix claims that it chose Questaweb software based on its global functionality, ease of use, multi-lingual support as well as its ability to manage and automate processes – such as the electronic generation of international trade documents – at the push of a button.


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