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Cimlogic has launched the latest version of the Traksys operations and performance management software, which is designed to improve the performance of manufacturing operations.

Version 7 adds extra functionality to the Traksys platform.

Mike Hodge, director of Cimlogic, said: ‘It is now possible to significantly improve intelligence-based decision making by further facilitating data exchange in real time among various systems, assets and resources.

‘Therefore, there is no need for guesswork anymore and users can focus on driving improvement and valuable business intelligence,’ he added.

Traksys 7 focuses on the delivery of personalised, actionable and timely information to the stakeholders throughout the enterprise, no matter where they are.

Through its expanded Connect and Collect technology, it collects data non-intrusively from disparate sources.

Then, the user-configurable analytics and business rules turn the raw data into readily usable intelligence that identifies the root causes of poor performance, their impacts and the best opportunities for improvement.

The knowledge management and decision support portal aggregates key performance indicators and distributes the relevant information across the value chain by personal preferences, discipline and priority.

The availability of critical information via personalised dashboards empowers collaboration and proactive decision making.

Traksys is a complete solution for managing the movement of information and for providing visibility, traceability and control within a production environment.

This, in turn, reduces energy and improves the efficiency of a manufacturing facility.

Traksys fuels OEE, Lean, Six Sigma, TPM and Operational Excellence strategies.

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