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Austriamicrosystems’s AS3900 27MHz frequency-shift keying low-power transceiver is designed for applications in medical and intelligent sporting goods, industrial automation and body area networks.

The AS3900 features built-in star network management protocol and operates in the 27MHz worldwide industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) band.

Operation in this band avoids the interference found in the 2.4GHz band and results in a lower amount of energy being absorbed by the human body (SAR or specific absorption rate).

This is a key consideration for transmitters operated close to the human body, such as a body area network (BAN) or medical body area network (MBAN).

The AS3900 low-power transceiver features Austriamicrosystems’s built-in star network management protocol, which is said to offer a hardwired, royalty-free, easy-to-use protocol for self-management of all network functions.

The hardwired star network protocol is said to simplify product design and reduce system power compared with alternative approaches requiring protocols that run full-time on an external or internal microcontroller.

The transceiver requires only 2.5uA in polling mode, and typically 5.3 and 4.9mA in receive and transmit modes respectively, and includes the power required to manage the star network.

The AS3900 is well suited for applications where low-power short-range data exchange is required.

These include data transfer among devices close to a human body, such as medical and intelligent sporting goods, industrial automation, body area networks and any short-range sensor network.

An integrated wake-up receiver allows an ultra-low current consumption of 2.5uA while in polling mode.

The AS3900 operates with a small PCB antenna that resonates at 27MHz.

Properties of 27MHz transmissions enable better penetration of fluids than 2.4GHz, and prevent reflections from giving errant range estimations using received signal strength indication (RSSI).

The AS3900 transmits data at up to 212Kbit/s and integrates a number of key features, resulting in a low bill of materials.

These include the power amplifier, clock, 24-bits of OTP memory, battery level detection, power on reset (POR) and system timers.

Digital RSSI, onboard CRC (cyclic redundancy check) and a bidirectional SDI bus (serial digital interface) allows for easy system integration.

The AS3900 low-power transceiver is available in a 5x5mm 28-pin QFN package, operates from a 2.2V power supply, and has an ambient operating temperature range of -40C to +85C.


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