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LEM has introduced a high-accuracy ITL 900 current transducer for precise measurement and control of currents in industrial, medical and instrumentation applications.

The ITL 900 current transducer has been designed for precise measurement of DC, AC and pulsed currents up to +/-900A The ITL 900 provides linearity error of less than or equal to 3ppm over an operating temperature range of +10C to +50C, offset stability over four hours of less than 0.5ppm, offset current temperature coefficient (TCIOE) of less than 0.3ppm/K.

The transducer offers a measurement bandwidth of more than 200kHz (-3dB), allowing fast current transients to be accurately measured.

Other advantages include negligible self-magnetisation, a current overload capability, and galvanic isolation between the high-power primary circuit and the electronic secondary circuit.

The ITL 900 also has very low output noise, with random noise less than 15uAtrms and coherent noise of less than 50uAtrms at 50Hz or 60Hz.

It works on an internal clock that can also be synchronised to an external clock signal, increasing immunity to periodic noise.

The transducer is based on a double fluxgate closed-loop technology that has been adapted and improved by LEM.

Conventional transducers, based on open-loop (uncompensated) Hall effect technology, cannot provide the extremely low non-linearity error, very low noise floor or low thermal offset drift required in many applications such as high-performance gradient amplifiers for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or precision current regulated devices such as high-accuracy power supplies, test bench power analysis calibration equipment, and laboratory and metrology equipment.

The ITL 900 is CE marked and is supplied with a five-year warranty.

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